The sun is showing its power this month with the arrival of summer 2018!  Long Island is known for it’s beaches and many will come from all over to visit.  As we begin to brace ourselves for the summer traffic on our streets and highways we also embrace the beauty we are surrounded by.  Our beautiful south shore has many hot spots in summer.  There’s Freeport’s Nautical Mile, Long Beach’s West End and on the East End we enjoy the waterfront restaurants of Pt. Lookout.  There’s also Lido Beach and Atlantic Beach and let’s not forget Island Park and East Rockaway, who’s waterfront restaurants keep us entertained while we dine with live music, and yes, even a DJ.  If you’re not feeling waterfront dining, no worries there’s always the beautiful and full of life, Rockville Centre.

We are lucky to be residents of such a beautiful part of this amazing earth, yet for some taking life to the next level might mean making a move and selling your home, during hot months could take you out of the summer nightlife scene for a little bit.  So, if you are thinking of selling your home, here are some tips for selling during summer.  We are in the thick of the housing season.  School has ended, graduations have been celebrated, college is discussed and finalized…all the reasons that you didn’t go full force are out of the way.  It’s a  HOT market and being prepared will help you not to get burned. 

Homebuyers began their search in March and April but after Memorial Day they get serious.  Many people want to move in summer when school’s out and the weather’s good.  In fact, more buyers are ready to buy in the summer than any other time of the year.  So get your house ready and on the market now, and take advance of the surge in activity.

Last year Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac announced that they loosened some bank lending rules.  By doing this there may be a bit more qualifying flexibility. Interest rates are still at an all time low, this too is a great motivation for buyers to buy now.

Summer heat brings a little challenge when it comes to lawns and curb appeal takes a little extra work to maintain.  Watering your lawn and making sure it looks fresh and cared for becomes a little more involved so stay committed.

Once you’ve interviewed (at least) 3 realtors and you’ve chosen who will represent you in your sale, now let’s talk a little bit about what to do once you’ve listed.  First, I would like to suggest that you keep the house cool for your open houses as well as scheduled appointments.  Remember, the home buying process is emotional.  If people walk into a hot home after being outside, they may not feel comfortable and we don’t want that. A home is comfortable, it should feel that way even if the temperature outside is 99⁰, inside it should be at most 70⁰

Summer is about outdoors.  Outdoor dining, outdoor activities such as bike riding or walking on one of our beautiful boardwalks so, be sure to keep your yard feeling a sense of outdoor comfort.  Your backyard should be inviting with a cozy seating area or cute, yet comfortable outdoor furniture.  Stage you barbeque area with a nice set of tools and mitts next to the grill. If you have a pool be sure your pool toys are not left in the pool and floating around.  Organize them and show your yard is inviting.  Let them picture themselves having family and friends over. 

The garage, especially if it’s detached, is usually the most neglected part of a house.  Summer time means the garage is used more…we need access to the lawn mower and other lawn tools.  Planting requires using planting tools.  Try and keep it organized.  If the exterior paint is peeling, paint it.  Take a notice of the garage door, does it open? Does the garage door opener work?  Are the light bulbs working?

I understand that summer is a season for family excursions…a day at the beach may mean you don’t get cell service, an extended vacation may mean you can’t confirm appointments that are requested.  If either of these hold true for you then let your Realtor know and she or he, will accommodate any appointment requests.  You certainly don’t want to lose a buyer.  Life is meant to be lived and you, too should enjoy this beautiful season and this is why you hired a realtor.

Happy beginning of summer.